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The Blueprint Group Real Estate Group

The Blueprint Group started in early 2008 as a green real estate development company with a clear cut focus to provide sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy efficient real estate.

As the needs of the investing and entrepreneurial community changed, adapting to the market was crucial for the Blueprint Group to succeed. This led to the firm branching out in other aspects such as business advisory, lending, and capital management.  However, sustainable real estate development has always been at the core of the Blueprint Group’s mission statement.

Today, the Blueprint Group has expanded its real estate division to do more than just development as we advise & consult on a number of green residential & commercial real estate projects predominantly throughout the New England region. Working with other real estate developers and investors who share our passion of developing sustainable properties with a commitment to the highest standards of quality, performance, and value has grown our overall real estate business towards being a part of a multitude of different projects.



Some of the ways we can help & work together:

Use our resources to propel your real estate project to the next level. We serve as viable partners who can help fund projects requiring additional capital resources than you are able to provide to get a deal done.

We can supervise and lead the development of an entire project, driving the project to meet your goals, such as budgets and project schedule milestones. Our experience and intimate understanding of real estate development allow us to proactively anticipate issues and mitigate risk throughout a project lifecycle.

Fix & Flip? Buy & Hold? Ground-up development? Whatever it is, our deal analysis service minimizes the risks using several metrics. We look at aspects such as credit risk, tenant profile, financing structure, market conditions, and utilize restrictions. The end result is a more clearly defined, detailed, and precise underwriting process.

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