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Low Risk Strategy | High Yielding Returns

As a Business Development Company operating in today’s market, we understand the needs of modern-day entrepreneurs unlike traditional consulting firm’s. We have and use the same investment edge that the banks use each day.  – Francis Pierre, Co-Founder

 We have been in your shoes and understand that accessing capital is only part of what makes a successful entrepreneur or investor.

Whether you are saving to start a business, already have a lofty savings account, or are running a successful business that has cash just sitting around we know putting your money to work is crucial. Most banks or other investment vehicles will limit your annual returns to approximately 1-4% annually.  If you think about that for a moment you will see how this number will NEVER work for you.

Did you know that the average annual inflation rate alone is greater than that every year?  So basically, your money will never grow to compound your earnings, leaving you paralyzed from your financial freedom regardless of how hard you try or how much money you invest in their “so-called” investment vehicles.

Understanding this, our founders spent years researching and investing capital in order to find the right investment vehicles that served them and their clients with the ultimate goal of producing high yielding returns with limited exposure.

After years or searching our founders discovered a hedge fund who built a trading technology that not only had a low-risk strategy that produces high yielding returns but it also allowed everyday people to invest and earn high rates of returns more similar to the return on investment that the very wealthy generate but without the lofty requirements that most hedge funds require to invest with them.

This hedge fund built a self-learning technology that uses a method of trading called “Statistical Arbitrage” which uses the power of compounding to earn substantial annual returns of up to 36% or more each year with LOW RISK and NO EFFORT on your part!

  • Earn substantial returns each year with minimal risk.
  • Save for your future!
  • Be able to put aside more money for your retirement.
  • Invest money for your children to secure their future
  • You will receive daily & monthly statements, so you always know what what is happening with your accounts at all times.
  • You will have complete access to your funds at any time, to withdraw or deposit money as you please.
  • Your money is never co-mingled with others, it’s your own individual account.
  • Compound your earnings to maximize your profits each year!

Statistical arbitrage is a profit situation arising from pricing inefficiencies between securities.  Statistical arbitrage strategies are market neutral because they involve opening both a long position and short position simultaneously to take advantage of inefficient pricing in correlated securities. For example, if a fund manager believes Coca-Cola is overvalued and Pepsi is undervalued, he or she would open a long position in Coca-Cola, and at the same time, open and short position in Pepsi. Investors often refer to statistical arbitrage as “pairs trading.”

Statistical arbitrage is considered low risk; however, it depends heavily on the ability of market prices to return to a historical or predicted normal, commonly referred to as mean reversion. However, two stocks or currencies that are typically correlated can remain uncorrelated for a significant amount of time due to news or other fundamental or technical factors. For this reason, most statistical arbitrage strategies take advantage of small profit inefficiencies that often last for a matter of days or weeks

To successfully trade this insider trading strategy would require you to own the same types of technologies that banks and hedge funds use that would cost you MILLIONS of dollars to build.  You would need to do thousands of calculations per hour to take advantage of these trading opportunities.

The Blueprint Group, Inc. is 1 of 7 private firms in the U.S that serves as a gateway for business owners, entrepreneurs, accredited, and non-accredited investors alike to access this capital management solution.

By joining our investment community, you will benefit from our proprietary trading technology that will allow you to grow your money at an accelerated rate with low to moderate risk and NO EFFORT ON YOUR PART!  The fund managers manage the software for you every day that the market is open…


Joining Our Investment Community Will Change Your Capital Situation

How would this annual return change your financial future? Take a look at the examples of our founders’ accounts along with other entrepreneurs in our network.