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The Blueprint Group started in early 2008 with the intent to develop sustainable real estate locally and eventually nationwide. This was at a time that sustainability, eco-friendly, and energy efficient real estate was not a very popular subject.

We had the vision to see the real estate development business had run its course and needed a big change. Sloppy work from inexperienced investors, selling underperforming real estate, at astronomical prices was a big part of what led to the crash. 

As the needs of the investing and entrepreneurial community changed, adapting to the market was crucial for The Blueprint Group to keep its doors open. This led to the firm branching out in other aspects like its advisory division which you are familiar with today.  But sustainable real estate development has always been at the core of the Blueprint Groups mission statement.

Today, BPG has a custom residential and commercial development division with an internal general construction company with a deep focus on green /sustainable building with a commitment to the highest standards of quality, performance and value.  

Work with us

We seek to not only develop our own portfolio of projects but working with other developers who share the same passion as we do for green real estate. Please contact us if you have a project in mind.



If we love developing green real estate, you can assume we love investing into both our own and other green real estate projects for the long term. From single family fix and flips, to multifamily projects with several units to generate passive income. With our experience in real estate investing, we are always seeking out opportunities for our own portfolio as well as working with other investors in need of resources we have access to.


By focusing on making our properties green this does a number of things for us with a long term strategy such as:

  • Green buildings are more profitable. Even though they may have higher development/rehab costs, these are more than offset by higher revenues and lower operational cost.
  • The lower operational costs of green buildings indicate that there is potential for better building management with implementation of smart building monitoring and analytics.
  • Marketable properties that lure renters to low utility cost homes, creates less vacancy.


Here is a look at some of our completed projects that made great long term real estate investments with their high energy efficiency ratings: