Lending Overview | Benefits


is a nationwide, direct portfolio lender dedicated to exclusively providing investment property loans for residential 1-4, multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial properties through the lending division, Blueprint Loans.

By focusing more on the property’s value and revenue-generating potential rather than the borrower’s personal credit and income, our asset-based investment property loans enable our team to meet the unique needs of real estate investors who find it difficult to qualify for investor mortgages, including W-2 employees, self-employed entrepreneurs, and small business owners.




As much as we would like to fund all our clients we, unfortunately, cannot fund every scenario we receive. To solve this dilemma our lending division also serves as an alternative lending brokerage with access to over 120 different alternative small business & real estate investment lenders. Our founders have developed close relationships with these lending sources which enables us to place clients in need of capital with the best fitting solution within our network.

Lending Programs Requirements Benefits
Residential & Commercial Property Purchase or RefinanceMin 650 Credit. Up to 80% LTVLow 30 yr. Fixed Rates For Investors. No tax returns or proof of income
Fast 50 Commercial MortgageMin 620 Credit, 50% LTV or lessRecent BK Ok, No Seasoning of Ownership, Lower Rates
Fix & FlipMin 640 Credit, Max 75% ARV, Detailed Schedule of ImprovementsFinance 100% of Rehab Funds, Quick Closings
Quick BridgeNo Credit Requirement, Up to 75% LTV12 Mo. I/O, Quick Closings, Best Alternative to Hard Money
Foreign InvestorsNo U.S or Foreign Credit, Up to 80% LTVBoth OO & NOO, No Income Verification, Easy Pre-Approval
Portfolio Loans (Blankets)Min 650 Credit, Min loan $75K, Max 10 PropertiesBundle Several Assets Into One Loan Payment
Real Estate Line Of CreditMin 680 CreditUp to 10x your liquidity
Business Cash AdvanceNo Credit Requirement, In Business at least 4 mo.Quick turnaround
Startup FundingMin 680 Credit, Biz Checking AccountNo Revenues ok, Business Credit Development
Business CreditNo Personal Credit Requirement, Business Paydex Score 75+No Personal Guarantee, 3-8x larger credit line approval than personal

Private Investment

In some cases, borrowing the capital through both traditional and alternative sources may not be an option for entrepreneurs who are very early in the process of developing their idea into a full out business or prototype. These scenarios may require an entrepreneur or a newbie real estate investor to give up equity to a private investor who has the funds needed in order to take that next step. Our team can help connect clients with private investors in our network.