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Is “Going Green” Worth the Price Tag?

“Going Green” - We hear this saying a lot, especially with another Earth Day just behind us.  Many entrepreneurs would like to incorporate green initiatives into their business practices but it can be daunting figuring out where to start and what makes the most sense to take on.

When it comes to investment properties, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t need to be all or nothing.  Starting off small with sustainable elements throughout your home is a great way to incorporate features which can create ongoing savings for years down the line.


Finding local manufacturers who offer sustainable products can be a relationship that is worth fostering.  Not only do locally sourced products save on the carbon footprint of shipping materials long distances but it can be beneficial for referrals for other services and green products.  If you buy sustainable bamboo floor boards, you can imagine the shop can suggest someone reliable to lay it. If you think that finding vendors in your area will be tough, don’t worry, many times customers making the request is what initiates the store owner prioritizing stocking sustainable products in the first place.  The turnaround time on these kinds of changes happen more quickly in smaller locations as opposed to large department style stores where changes often need to be implemented on a regional level (if not larger).


Yes is ultimately the short answer here, but why?  Paying slightly more for these products up front is worth the cost for savings on multiple fronts for years down the line.  Let's take the high efficiency wash machine for example; not only will the washer use less water to get your clothing clean, but this means less water to heat up, which will save you on energy cost too.  That also means less water to drain and since high efficiency washing machines have more thorough spin cycles, your clothes are hitting the dryer for a shorter time as well - giving you bang for your buck in many ways.  Appliances such as Refrigerators, Dryers, Stovetops and even boilers can provide you years of savings to put toward something more exciting.

Lastly, since none of us are looking out at trees lines with branches of flowing dollar bills, why not save with the window your staring out of instead?  So much money leaks right out of our windows on an annual basis. The added insulation from investing in newer, higher efficient windows is not the only draw.  Though it is nice to be able to use less heat in the winter and air conditioning in warmer months, it's also a big question down the line from potential buyers.  Enhancing your investment property in this way is one less thing the future buyer will need to do which leads to an increased selling price for you.

These things and many more are easy ways to add greener elements to your home and save money along the way.  If you’re looking for more ideas keep following The Blueprint Group, Inc., as we’re always developing news ways to incorporate green building on our projects.  Our BizArchitects are also available to discuss financing, conduct an audit of your business or have a consultation to better understand your business needs.

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