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Throughout the years, the Blueprint Group has worked with several startups developing innovative technology, applications and platforms. Being such a competitive landscape it take a special team to really adhere to an ever changing market and the grit to follow through with the development of that tech.

So when our founders came across Investx, a Forex Trading platform with a unique algorithm that provided traders the ability to implement a low risk strategy that generated high yielding returns…. It was a no brainer for our founders to invest heavily into Investx.



The major benefits

Low to moderate risk investments

Daily and monthly email statements

More than 30 years of experience








Why do we like Forex Trading?

Forex trading is one of the most sought after commodities, as more people look to the forex market to increase returns on their portfolios. It's also known for its higher risk but higher returns which draws experienced traders to this market. 

The secret is knowing how to trade this volatile and liquid market correctly to profit consistently.



What's the secret strategy?

If you are an avid trader you may or may have not heard about this strategy that has been around since 1940… If you are new to trading you definitely haven't heard about this, and that is OK. Contrary to popular belief, a form of logic does run through the world’s stock markets. Most of the time, currencies are priced efficiently; that is, all information is discounted in a logical, relative manner.

However, every now and then the market does something unexpected and creates inefficiency. Currencies don’t buy and sell themselves, those orders are entered by people, people are driven by emotions, emotions cause irrational decisions and this emotional decision making characteristic is multiplied several times when it comes to a crowd of people.

If, for no good or explainable reason, two of those currency pairs diverge away from each other then there is an inefficiency created and an opportunity to profit. The main benefit of pair trading is that your exposure to market and sector risk is significantly reduced by holding both long and short positions in equal amounts. The relationship between two correlated currency pairs is much more predictable and reliable than the outright prediction of the direction of a particular currency pair.

This is pair trading



What makes the Technology special?

This technology allows retail investors like you the opportunity to invest like the big boys do at a fraction of the cost!  You get the ability to access the complex and volatile world of Forex trading with the use of Investx Pair Trader. This offers a variety of possibilities and advantages for the retail investor.

The characteristics of this market are high volatility and liquidity and when well understood, they can bring about high profits, it is for this reason experts use Investx Pair Trader.

  • Investx Pair Trader has revolutionized retail Forex trading.
  • Investx Pair Trader software is the one and only chart-less Forex pair trading software of its kind available to the retail investors.
  • Investx Pair Trader offers retail investors a considerable amount of possibilities to invest in the Forex market with a solid risk management system to manage all trades and designed to increase returns on your portfolio and allow the user to be in full control of desired profits.
  • A built in risk management system to tremendously minimize the risk of trading.
  • By using Investx Pair Trader, you will be assured that emotions will have nothing to do with your trades because Investx Pair Trader is a system that does all the analysis. It will handle your trades individually. This all makes for a well thought out investment decision.
  • Investx Pair Trader requires no knowledge of Forex trading

You will be able to learn more about Forex as you earn at the same time. This will allow you to make the most profitable returns in all your investing years!



Do you have proof that this works?

Yes! Click each one of the statements below to view analytics:



What does this mean for Blueprint Group clients, partners, and network contacts?

Investing into the InvestX platform can only be done through a handful of private firms in the U.S and 2 others internationally. The Blueprint Group is one the approved licensed users to manage investment funds for both accredited and non accredited investors.

Our investors have one massive advantage over the big institutions, investment banks, and hedge funds – your size. Because you are smaller, you are more nimble and can achieve a higher growth rate more easily. You don’t have to buy and sell millions of lots, eroding your entry and exit prices, limiting yourself to maximum lot sizes and having to spend millions on executing trades.