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Our Business Solutions


Welcome to our business solutions page! Aside from our core services we realize running a business will require several 3rd party resources and solutions. Below are a few of our favorite service that has helped not only us run and build successful businesses but our clients, partners, and network members! 


G Suite

Helps the Blueprint Group run efficiently being able to integrate all our deptartments to for collaborative team work and the multitude of apps available virtually will make your life a lot less stressful when you run on Google!

Credit Nerds

Credit Repair is one of those services that will always be in high demand. Because of this unfortunately this industry has gotten a bad rap over the years with unscrupulous companies charging high fees for lack luster results….

One service our founders have used themselves and high recommend is! By far one of the better services out there that provide real results at an affordable price. You will have to do a little leg work but they get the job done!


Credit Check Total

Accessing live up to date and most importantly accurate credit reports is a big part of determining if you qualify for certain loan products. So when it comes to getting reports we trust and Experian owned platform that is as accurate as can be. Creditchecktotal algorithm will never be 60 to 80 points off like many third party site out there and it will drop your score when you check that why BizArchitects approve!



If you are simply looking to monitor your business credit reports along with prsonal scores to get access to business credit cards Nav is a great solution to do so. They are the only platform of its kind with the intergrations and reporting features it provide. The matching service it provide to business owners to credit cards is also topnotch!



Running a business also means keeping good books! Keeping good books will help for a number of reasons from getting funding, tax preparation, and even getting a big investor for your company. Quickbooks is the leader in the industry from customer service to technology features!



Resources are always important especially in real estate. A good place to connect and learn a lot without paying crazy subscription fees is


Connected Investors

If you are looking to connect with other real estate investors and professional in a more social media setting connected investors maybe a solution for you. If you are looking for funding and have the grit and patience to negotiate your own deals without a BizArchitect this may also be a good option for you to learn what we have mastered :)


Bigger Pockets

The web’s largest real estate education hub with millions of pages of content… for free. We like Bigger Pockets for their networking initiatives and the community of like-minded individuals all walking the same path toward financial independence together, helping one another along the way.