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What We Do:

The Blueprint Group Is A Business Consulting & Advisory Firm That Helps Entrepreneurs And Real Estate Investors Develop Businesses Into Creditworthy Fundable Business Assets. Our Team Of BizArchitects Provide Blueprint Guides To Build Any Business Model…


What We Offer:

Business funding/financing

No pressure conversations with a BizArchitect can help an entrepreneur decipher between several different funding options for a business or a real estate project. Our BizArchitects are experienced in helping business owners and real estate investors fund projects from $2k - $10M. Learn about the 50+ funding options available through the Blueprint Group lending partners.

Business blueprint development

Every business needs a blueprint. The bigger the business/idea the more detailed the plan must be in order for that business to be sustainable. Our proprietary blueprint system understands the importance of proper business structure to meet all lender compliances. The foundation of which business built is more important than the actual business model itself. You can have a great idea or product but without proper development you risk losing it all to your competition or savvy investors. By following our blueprint with support from a BizArchitect you will fund your business quicker with limited exposure.

your Business Blueprint

Are you business and computer savvy already? And just want to hit the ground running in developing your business credit? Then the Do It Yourself option may be the way to go without a BizArchitects support. Follow the blueprint guide and secure lines of credit, build business credit, vehicle financing, real estate financing, and more all in the name of your business!


Advising Business Owners And Real Estate Investors Since 2008

The Blueprint Group, Inc was formed in 2008 as a real estate development firm focused on green real estate projects in the New England area. Since its founding in 2008, the Blueprint Group has forged several strategic partnerships with innovative companies and entrepreneurs that led the company to branch out into commercial financing for the real estate and small business communities.  Today, the firm works with a multitude of businesses in different areas including but not limited to real estate, financing, professional services, food & beverage, fashion/entertainment, technology, ecommerce, non-profit, and marketing nationwide.

We seek viable new projects to develop that are backed by entrepreneurs with the passion to build a valuable business or real estate project. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project and look to grow with our clients, customizing our support to the particular needs and concerns of each project.

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I think if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to dream big and then dream bigger.
— Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO


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